The hardest habit yet

My fitness habit has been really hard to keep up with. I’m going along fine for a couple of months straight, running or doing resistance training five days out of the week. Then all of the sudden, it comes crashing down.

I skip a day. I get lazy.

My ongoing problem is that I turn that one skipped day into a week of making excuses. It snowballs. I’m traveling all weekend, so I can’t exercise. And now I’m tired on Monday and Tuesday from all the driving. And on Wednesday, I have that dinner and drinks with friends, and with work, there won’t be enough time to work out.

Those excuses turn into a month of spotty exercise and constantly feeling uninspired to work out. And buying a new pair of running shoes is never the solution.

What I’m going to try next

  1. Work out first thing. Exercising before I have the chance to make an excuse, which will be first thing in the morning. No matter where I’m traveling or how much work I have, I’ll have down time in the morning. This will also help get my blood flowing and wake me up.
  2. A little every day. No matter what happens, I will do five minutes of physical movement every single day of the week.That might be a long walk with my dogs, 100 pushups, or a relaxing yoga session. I’ll never have an excuse to not have five spare minutes. Ideally, my exercise would be longer and that first five minutes might lead into more. The most important thing is to not break the chain.

What has worked for you, and what hasn’t?